Privacy Policy

Alongside providing entertainment, news, and gossips, we, team Feelepa are concerned about our user’s privacy. We are fully aware of the situation and now present you with the privacy policy that explains how we safeguard the information of the visitors that we receive.


Commonly, when we visit a website, it may store or retrieve our information in the form of cookies. Cookies are the piece of information that is passed by the webserver to your web browser when we browse the website.

The information stored does not directly identify you but can give more of a personalized experience. Feelepa uses the cookies to better the performance to improvise the user’s satisfaction.

Google Analytics

Feelepa uses google analytics tools to know more about the user’s behavior, clicks, and landing pages on our website.

Personal Information

Personal information here may include your individual info life, gender, email address, age, and phone number. This information you provide via email or the forms available on our page is asked on our website in case you want to give us feedback or comment on our posts. The sole purpose of providing your personal information is to help us identify our users on a personal level.