Youtubers Jamie and Nikki Divorce, Lipstick Alley, Gossips, Net Worth, Age

Jamie and Nikki
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Jamie and Nikki are the social media phenomenon known these days for their vlogs. 

In fact, the interracial couple called it quits recently. However, their joint Youtube channel “Jamie and Nikki” had earned a massive audience.

Personal Life of Jamie and Nikki:

The one half of the vlogging duo, Nikki Thot, was born on April 2, 1990. She is originally from Sudan, North Africa. Also, she is from a black ethnic background. 

Besides, she has siblings- Paula, Guy, Sarah, and Duckie. Growing up, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, with her family.

On the other hand, Jamie was born on May 12, 1990, in Australia.

The two dated a long before tying the knots in March 2013. Their interracial marriage set an excellent citation and inspiration for people throughout the globe. 

The couple is the parents of the adorable daughters, Ava Sarah and Zoe Reign.

However, their relationship started getting tough. Consequently, the duo parted ways forever in late 2019.

Jamie And Nikki Youtube Channel:

Not to mention, their channel is missing since the summer of 2019. The wave of the couple’s separation called it quits recently.

Nonetheless, the joint channel “Jamie and Nikki” had earned 1.8 Million subscribers. The track posted videos on Jame and Nikki’s lifestyle as a couple and parents. Interestingly, their vlogs on their proposal, marriage, the pregnancy went viral over the internet.

Further, their wedding video alone gathered over seven million views. Throughout their journey together, they have been frank about their daily experiences.

The vlogging, as mentioned above, channel no more exists. As of now, both the halves run their own channels. Currently, Jamie posts daily life things on his channel.

Similarly, Nikki also continues to post on her solo channel. Specifically, Thott’s vlog content is about being a mom of two. On top of that, Nikki works as a model.

Net Worth and Salary:

By now, we already know the then-love birds are no more together. Nevertheless, they are independent individuals. They earn a hefty salary to give a quality life to their kids.

Further, their net values are still under review.

Social Media:

Both Nikki and Jamie are on social media. Nikki’s self-titled Instagram account has accrued 1.1M followers. They have a couple Instagram account too.

Besides, Jamie has got 319K followers on his official Instagram page. Jamie has an official Facebook page as well.


The then-partners went to their first date on watching The Mummy Returns.


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