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Happy Healthy Vegan
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At this time, more and more people are going vegan for a healthier lifestyle and changing the world for the better. Speaking of veganism, Ryan Lum and Anji Bee make the perfect citation couple with such a lifestyle. In fact, they are the creators of the Youtube channel “Happy Healthy Vegan,” which reflects their motto.

Happy Healthy Vegan Youtube:

Ryan and Anji have gained wide recognition as influencing Youtubers. Happy Healthy Vegan is a vegan lifestyle channel that fetches 215k subscribers. Also, the total number of views until now is over 34.1 million. Besides, the channel is promoting a plant-based diet for fantastic health, lesser stress on the environment. At the same time, adopting a vegan lifestyle leads to fitness, animal protection, and proper utilization of resources. 

Moreover, they respond to the ones trying to debunk their vegan motto.

Also, Anji vlogs her daily diet routine, unboxings, reviews to illustrate the perks of living a vegan lifestyle.

What’s more, Ryan and Anji have released nine albums as Love Spirals. Altogether, they have 9 EPs & singles, plus various compilation tracks. Anji’s “Keep It Carbed, Baby!: The Official Happy Healthy Vegan Cookbook” was published in 2016. All in all, it sold 3,000 copies independently.

Net Worth and Salary:

The vegan couple’s entertaining and crisp videos would earn millions of viewerships day by day. Undoubtedly, they get a handsome paycheck from the advertisers. Besides, the exact net worth of Youtube creators is not known.

Happy Healthy Vegan is on Social Media:

Happy Healthy Vegan is on Instagram with 61.8k followers to date. Similarly, their Facebook page has accumulated 32k followers. Ryan Lum is on Twitter. His account has amassed 4.9k followers. Not only that, but they are also on Patreon. The duo is on the Bandcamp app as Lovespirals.

Lastly, their blog that goes by happyhealthyvegan.org sells cookbooks and merch.


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