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Christine Fang
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Christine Fang (Fang Fang)is a Chinese lady United States officials suspects of being a political spy. It is believed that China’s civilian spy agency is running her as an intelligence operative to glean political information. For that, she allegedly built sexual relationships with few midwestern mayors. 

Quick Facts:

Name: Christine Fang (Fang Fang)

Age: N/A

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Chinese

Sexuality: Straight

Marital Status: N/A

Biography, Personal Life:

In fact, people say that she changed her name to Fang Fang to remain a secret spy. Fang has not talked about her childhood and whereabouts. Also, nil information is available about her family background.

Christine reportedly pretended to be a young university scholar. However, her acquaintances say that she might be in her late 20s or early 30s.

Early Activities:

The suspect entered the United States as a student in 2011. She enrolled at California State University East Bay (CSUEB). In the meantime, she was into political activities. In particular, she was the president of Chinese and Asian student associations. Consequently, American political circles noticed her involvement. Gradually, Fand went on building connections in all three levels of the US government.

Alleged Targets of Fang:

As per wiki, Fang lived in the United States from 2011 to 2015 as an intelligence operative of China. After getting herself among Bay Area politicos, she did suspicious acts like campaign fundraising and networking. Moreover, she targetted budding politicians and eventually led them into the honey trap. 

Reportedly, the suspected spy built romantic or sexual relationships with at least two mayors. Not only San Francisco, but she also targetted other areas of the US. Meanwhile, she appeared alongside Eric Swalwell in the re-election. Significantly, one of her alleged targets was democrat representative Eric Swalwell. Fang reportedly helped to place an intern in Swalwell’s office. 

Consequently, politicians like Trump, Kayleigh McEnanyKevin McCarthy, and more criticized Eric’s link with Fang. In return, Eric proclaimed that counterparts leaked information against his criticism of President Trump.


Besides, Fang appeared in photographs alongside Democrats Swalwell, Ro Khanna, Mike Honda, and Judy Chu.

 Later, the FBI started its investigation on Christine in 2015. Consequently, she fled away from the US and haven’t returned.

Social Media Reach:

Fang’s Facebook page has private posts that are invisible to us. Nonetheless, the page is still up. Recently, she updated her profile and cover picture in November 2020. 

Eric Swalwell’s brother and father, Khanna, and a California mayor were Fang’s Facebook friends. But Swalwell’s brother and father finally unfriended her on 10 December 2020.


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