How Much is The AGT Season 15 Winner Poet Brandon Leake Worth?

Brandon Leake


Brandon Leake is a poet, motivational speaker, and educator. Brandon was born on May 4, 1992, in Stockton, California, the United States. His father was estranged, and his single mother, Carla Leake-Gibson, raised him. Hence, as of 2021 August, Brandon is 29-years-old.

Importantly, Brandon is the winner of the 15th season of the American’s Got Talent. He gained prominence as the spoken word poet and has been creating a buzz since the win. Additionally, He got a 1 million dollar cash prize, a brand new Kia Stinger and the opportunity to star in Luxor Las Vegas.

Moreover, Leake has performed his poetry in over 36 US states, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada. He is associated with Brookside school daycare centre and has signed with United Talent Agency.

Furthermore, he is an academic advisor at San Joaquin Delta College, founder and CEO of an organization Called to Move. This organization helps youth through poetry and motivation. Likewise, Brandon is the contributor and producer of the Team Harmony Foundation’s new international web series, HATE: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

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Brandon Leake Wife & Kids

Brandon Leake married Anna Rebekah Leake and has a daughter with her. The couple first met during his Dark Side tour and clicked off. Brandon is a romantic guy who dedicates lovely poets and posts on his Instagram brandon_leake_ctm for his wife. His Instagram pictures are always beautifully captioned. It just melted his fan’s heart. He writes; With these vows, I promise to you that every morning that God blesses these lounges with air to breathe.
I will give you the best of me.
No matter the weather, I will serve you as Christ served his bride with my life.
I vow to you that as the years fly by, I won’t let the wind of change
Ever blow out loves flame
I will search through all the parts of you to learn how I can love you better tomorrow than I did today.
And I vow that as old age sets in
As our years behind outnumber our years ahead
To always let you know how you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on

Net Worth & Income

Brandon is a famous speaker who won a million-dollar cash prize from the AGT. Besides, he has been on tour and live shows since his AGT journey. Leake has earned enormous riches as a television personality. However, some of the internet sources claim Brandon Leake’s net worth is around $1.5 million.


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