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Benjamin Charles Watson


Benjamin Charles Watson is a Jamaica-born Canadian actor. Benjamin’s family moved to Toronto, Canada, from Jamaica when Watson was 10. Benjamin completed high school at a local school. An interesting fact is, he went to high school with Laura Vandervoort.

Furthermore, he chose to pursue his education and attended Humber College in Toronto. There he studied scene study and took voice- improvisation classes.
Upon completing those courses in 2006, Watson started his acting journey and accepted every short movie that crossed his path.

What’s more? Benjamin is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

How old is Benjamin Charles Watson?

Benjamin is a 36-years-old global entertainer. He is a member of the Queer ( LGBTQI+) community and openly gay. In a short period, he has bagged some excellent roles and won the heart of a million. Watson has starred in The LimitsThe L.A. Complex, WareHouse 13, The Killing, F2: Forensic Factor, and many more.

No wonder his fans are wondering about his personal life. Even though Benjamin is a public figure, there is just a little information about his childhood and family. Hence, his height, birthday, boyfriend, relationship status and date of birth are yet a mystery.

Personal Quotation

There comes a point in life when you actually realize death is inevitable and all the stupid things society deems to be important, don’t matter at all. Getting the opportunity to do what I love to do and not having it based on financial and popularity gain is more than rewarding. Ego driving people make me sick‚Ķ One life to live, make the best of every day by helping other people. There is a bigger picture.

Net Worth & Income

According to some internet source, Benjamin Watson has a net worth of $10 million. The amount was found on the internet; the legal sources have not confirmed it. Hence, the figure might or might not be accurate.


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